Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Avery Champion was born in Wales on January 1st, in 1989. From an early age, she was always getting herself into trouble. Her father was a wealthy man, who was the manager for the Arsenal football team! However, her mother was the vice-president of the Welsh government and they traveled a lot! Occasionally, they would take her on trips with them. One of the trips was France, which is where Avery moved to in 1994 to attend school.

Boarding school was a real problem for her. She was always considered an “outsider” and had no friends. Avery was always in the bottom group for every subject and often found herself in the principal’s office!

In 2000, she moved to secondary school (St. John’s Academy for Girls). This wasn’t much better. Again she was failing her subjects, and fighting with her peers. However, one day she was in the music room with her teacher (Mr. Upshall) singing one of her own songs. He encouraged her to ‘try out’ for the school musical. Avery got the part, but that was the beginning of the end of her school life. Mercilessly, the other girls bullied her because of the part and despite the encouragement from her music teacher, in the end she ran away from school!

A day later, she was found herself in ‘real France!’ She was sleeping on the streets with no future! One morning she woke up next to a hobo named William, they were both the same age roughly. They soon discovered that they both enjoyed music and used to play in the streets for money.

It was on these that her life changed forever! Late 2001, they were overheard by two guitarists Lucas and Tom! From that moment on Avery’s life changed forever as Reverse was born!

2 years later, they had come second in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and they are about to go on a World Tour in Europe!

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