Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Lucas Marcus Thomas Chalk (also known as Sacul) was born in Bermuda, at midnight, on the 14 June, 1979. His Mum’s name was Jacqueline (Jax), his Dads name was Timothy (Tim), his big brother’s name was Max and his little brother’s name was James. The occupation that his mum and dad had were: his mum was an architect for Grand Designs and his dad was the boss of 7-Eleven in England.

Sacul’s earliest memory was when he was 3 and his mum bought him an electric guitar for Christmas. He played every day when he got back from school. However, he couldn’t play a proper song; he would just play around with it and strum the strings.

In 1983, he turned four and started attending Upper Tyne Primary School. He travelled to school on the bus from his house. Sacul didn’t like school, but obviously he had to go! The only thing he liked was music lessons because he loved playing his guitar. Then he met Samoht – real name Tom Lipton - they became neighbours and they went to school together! Subsequently, they formed a band, consisting of the guitar and bass guitar.

By 1994, he had begun to attend Lower Tyne Secondary School. By now he was very good at playing the electric guitar and he was so into music that he stayed in the local music shop from the moment he finished school to the moment it shut! Eventually he left school in year 11 and got a job as an electric guitar teacher.

Samoht and Sacul left the UK in 2000 and travelled to France in search of a drummer and a singer. Doing auditions in Paris, Lyon and Marseille all things seemed to be going badly until the last night. They were walking down an alleyway towards the bar where the final auditions were being held when they heard singing. Following the sound, they found themselves looking at their future drummer and their singer. Mailliw was banging a pair of sticks on make shift drums and Yreva was singing! It was basic but sounded amazing!

Back in the UK, the band, now named REVERSE had started performing in local pubs. 6 months later they had an opportunity to go onto Britain’s Got Talent and came second! This was the start of their fame!

In 2005, they performed their first gig in front of 100,000 people in London, England at Wembley Stadium.

Their next tour is in Europe from January to March 2011, where they are performing their new album REVERSE’s Greatest Hits, including Sugar.

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