Wednesday, November 24, 2010


William – was born in France in 1980. He’s not exactly sure when his birthday was as he was given up for adoption when he was 2. However, before he was given to his new family, he had a big interest in playing the drums. Unfortunately, his family was quite poor so they were unable to provide him with his own drum kit. However, he did use several other household things instead.

William didn’t go to school until he was six as he spent 4 years of his life being moved around between families. Finally, at the age of six it came true and he was given to family who were all blond haired, except the cat!

In 1986, William finally went to school. However, he found it very hard to settle and had no friends, except the drums! Whenever it was music lessons, he would always jump to get to play the drums first! William longed for his own drum kit at home as he wanted to practice, become famous and be a rock star!

10 years later, William had finally finished school and was looking for a job, so he could move out and finally pursue his rock start dream! First, he worked for Starbucks, then Mix and even as a librarian. However, he couldn’t stick to anything and in 1997 he found himself jobless and living on the street!

Life on the street was hard, but he befriended a girl called Avery. She was desperate to become a singer! William had made a make shift drum set, after having to sell his own, and together they used to sing and play on the street for money, until one day, they were listened to by two guitarists Lucas and Tom! From that moment on William’s life changed forever; Reverse was born!

By 2001 they were living in London and had recorded their first album Reverse.

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