Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sacul's Diary

Butterflies were flying in my stomach. Cold beads of sweat were forming and standing up on my forehead. Peering through the curtains, I could see a sea of heads shouting and screaming my name. The Pressure was on! Will I fail? One slight mistake and my reputation would drop a vast amount. The seconds were counting down… 5…4…3…2…1…! Grabbing my guitar, I nervously followed my band onto to the monstrous stage looming before me!

Stepping onto the stage, nerves were building up inside me. Here we go! The introductions had started. People were screaming at us! This was it - I felt like a god! The crowd was singing the song for me! This really was the best day of my life. Bring it on! Gleaming I felt my heart beat like the drum that Mailliw was playing. Suddenly, the song was finished; I was so pleased with myself.

Finally the show was over. The crowd was still screaming at us! They were even asking for an encore but sadly we have enough time to give them an encore but we did have enough time to give out autographs. Chucking the autographed teddies to the back, we went home!

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