Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Samoht's Diary

This morning, I felt so excited, almost like I’d won a Grammy, but also the nerves of a creature running from its prey. Standing like a statue I shut my eyes thinking about all the hard work we’d done, writing the songs. Then the producer came in and called time. We were on in 20 seconds! My heart was pounding like someone left in the woods, alone. Breathing deeply, trying to keep my cool, I started a count down in my head. 10…9…8…Stepping over to my bass, I picked it up, opened the curtain and looked out to see 20,000 heads pop up in front of my eyes. I held my guitar high in the air, hiding my fear.

Rocking the tunes, I couldn’t hear the music, only the screams of the fans. The volume of singing entered my ears with joy. Strumming the beat, Sacul was ripping his guitar, Lliw was smashing his drums and Yreva was cracking his notes. Finally, I was feeling the pressure. I don’t know how other bands play for over 40,000 fans. My head was spinning like an old record player, I was feeling dizzy. Only a few seconds to go!

Several hours later, it’s finally over! I can watch myself on TV, asleep and eating a bowl of popcorn. Despite my fear that was the best moment of my life. I can’t wait for our European tour now. I’m tired better get some sleep!

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