Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sacul's Diary

Butterflies were flying in my stomach. Cold beads of sweat were forming and standing up on my forehead. Peering through the curtains, I could see a sea of heads shouting and screaming my name. The Pressure was on! Will I fail? One slight mistake and my reputation would drop a vast amount. The seconds were counting down… 5…4…3…2…1…! Grabbing my guitar, I nervously followed my band onto to the monstrous stage looming before me!

Stepping onto the stage, nerves were building up inside me. Here we go! The introductions had started. People were screaming at us! This was it - I felt like a god! The crowd was singing the song for me! This really was the best day of my life. Bring it on! Gleaming I felt my heart beat like the drum that Mailliw was playing. Suddenly, the song was finished; I was so pleased with myself.

Finally the show was over. The crowd was still screaming at us! They were even asking for an encore but sadly we have enough time to give them an encore but we did have enough time to give out autographs. Chucking the autographed teddies to the back, we went home!

Yreva's Diary

Feeling the need to go to the bathroom, I knew what it was…nerves! Peering my head through the curtain, I could see thousands of fans screaming. I could barely hear myself think it was so loud! The roar of the crowd was as loud as a lion. What if I failed? Never! I can do this! Looking at the clock, 5 seconds to go! 5…4… 3…2…1…Showtime!

Feeling like a god, I stomped onto the stage. Seizing the microphone, I took a deep breath and rose with everything bubbling inside me! Stretching my arms wide, I waited for Samoht to strum the fist note and then signaled for Sacul to play the note. It slowly began; there was no turning back now! Singing into the mike, I began to calm down. Suddenly all fell silent…

Wondering if it was possible that your nerves could melt half way through the song, it was time for Samoht, Sacul, and Mailliw to have their individual solo. Finally, it was my turn! Feeling the nerves crawl up me, I jumped up to do what I was born to do – stage dives!

Finally it was over! Coming off panting, I couldn’t wait for the next time I could do that!

Samoht's Diary

This morning, I felt so excited, almost like I’d won a Grammy, but also the nerves of a creature running from its prey. Standing like a statue I shut my eyes thinking about all the hard work we’d done, writing the songs. Then the producer came in and called time. We were on in 20 seconds! My heart was pounding like someone left in the woods, alone. Breathing deeply, trying to keep my cool, I started a count down in my head. 10…9…8…Stepping over to my bass, I picked it up, opened the curtain and looked out to see 20,000 heads pop up in front of my eyes. I held my guitar high in the air, hiding my fear.

Rocking the tunes, I couldn’t hear the music, only the screams of the fans. The volume of singing entered my ears with joy. Strumming the beat, Sacul was ripping his guitar, Lliw was smashing his drums and Yreva was cracking his notes. Finally, I was feeling the pressure. I don’t know how other bands play for over 40,000 fans. My head was spinning like an old record player, I was feeling dizzy. Only a few seconds to go!

Several hours later, it’s finally over! I can watch myself on TV, asleep and eating a bowl of popcorn. Despite my fear that was the best moment of my life. I can’t wait for our European tour now. I’m tired better get some sleep!

Mailliw's Diary

Here I am back stage feeling so scared so nervous that I can’t speak, so I am writing instead. I’ve got my entire drum gear ready, including my sticks. We have been practicing for ages. Sooner or later we’ll be on stage facing our fans, listening to their screams and all.

Walking onto the stage, my fears were rising up to my body making me tremble and shake. That’s when I realized that I was on stage, gazing at a billon heads (the more I saw the more nervous I got) until I knew I had to get active! So I started to run about, move my legs and hands until I was ready. Then I picked up my drum sticks and started to play. Finally, I heard the first note, so I started to play. Lights were beaming at me, it was amazing!

Two hours later, we were finished! What an amazing night!


Lucas Marcus Thomas Chalk (also known as Sacul) was born in Bermuda, at midnight, on the 14 June, 1979. His Mum’s name was Jacqueline (Jax), his Dads name was Timothy (Tim), his big brother’s name was Max and his little brother’s name was James. The occupation that his mum and dad had were: his mum was an architect for Grand Designs and his dad was the boss of 7-Eleven in England.

Sacul’s earliest memory was when he was 3 and his mum bought him an electric guitar for Christmas. He played every day when he got back from school. However, he couldn’t play a proper song; he would just play around with it and strum the strings.

In 1983, he turned four and started attending Upper Tyne Primary School. He travelled to school on the bus from his house. Sacul didn’t like school, but obviously he had to go! The only thing he liked was music lessons because he loved playing his guitar. Then he met Samoht – real name Tom Lipton - they became neighbours and they went to school together! Subsequently, they formed a band, consisting of the guitar and bass guitar.

By 1994, he had begun to attend Lower Tyne Secondary School. By now he was very good at playing the electric guitar and he was so into music that he stayed in the local music shop from the moment he finished school to the moment it shut! Eventually he left school in year 11 and got a job as an electric guitar teacher.

Samoht and Sacul left the UK in 2000 and travelled to France in search of a drummer and a singer. Doing auditions in Paris, Lyon and Marseille all things seemed to be going badly until the last night. They were walking down an alleyway towards the bar where the final auditions were being held when they heard singing. Following the sound, they found themselves looking at their future drummer and their singer. Mailliw was banging a pair of sticks on make shift drums and Yreva was singing! It was basic but sounded amazing!

Back in the UK, the band, now named REVERSE had started performing in local pubs. 6 months later they had an opportunity to go onto Britain’s Got Talent and came second! This was the start of their fame!

In 2005, they performed their first gig in front of 100,000 people in London, England at Wembley Stadium.

Their next tour is in Europe from January to March 2011, where they are performing their new album REVERSE’s Greatest Hits, including Sugar.


Avery Champion was born in Wales on January 1st, in 1989. From an early age, she was always getting herself into trouble. Her father was a wealthy man, who was the manager for the Arsenal football team! However, her mother was the vice-president of the Welsh government and they traveled a lot! Occasionally, they would take her on trips with them. One of the trips was France, which is where Avery moved to in 1994 to attend school.

Boarding school was a real problem for her. She was always considered an “outsider” and had no friends. Avery was always in the bottom group for every subject and often found herself in the principal’s office!

In 2000, she moved to secondary school (St. John’s Academy for Girls). This wasn’t much better. Again she was failing her subjects, and fighting with her peers. However, one day she was in the music room with her teacher (Mr. Upshall) singing one of her own songs. He encouraged her to ‘try out’ for the school musical. Avery got the part, but that was the beginning of the end of her school life. Mercilessly, the other girls bullied her because of the part and despite the encouragement from her music teacher, in the end she ran away from school!

A day later, she was found herself in ‘real France!’ She was sleeping on the streets with no future! One morning she woke up next to a hobo named William, they were both the same age roughly. They soon discovered that they both enjoyed music and used to play in the streets for money.

It was on these that her life changed forever! Late 2001, they were overheard by two guitarists Lucas and Tom! From that moment on Avery’s life changed forever as Reverse was born!

2 years later, they had come second in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and they are about to go on a World Tour in Europe!


Crying out, Samoht (real name Thomas William Nicolas Lipton) was born in the Matilda hospital Hong Kong on 17 January in 1979. Samoht’s family comprises of his mum Caroline and dad Phil. His mum was a teacher and his dad was a banker. He was an only child until his younger brother, Alex, came crawling into his life. Unfortunately, that wasn’t all, there was a younger sister called Katie who was even worse!

He had an average life, until he was 3 and his parents won the lottery! Consequently, they became very rich and he moved into a mansion in England. Samoht’s earliest memory was when he was watching Erik Clapton on stage with his father, it was then he knew he wanted to be a guitarist.

When he turned 4, his parents bought him a bass guitar, which he practised on for hours! At this time he also made a new friend, Sacul, (or Lucas). They became neighbours and attended the same school, Borneside Boys School. Samoht struggled at school, he got under 50% in every test even though he was trying his hardest, but in music he would get more than 90% in all quizzes. This was when he knew he wanted to be a musician. In Year 4, he and Sacul formed their own guitar band and that’s when the band basically started.

In 1990, Samoht transferred to secondary school with his best friend, Sacul. Every year, they won the school band show, as well as the talent show in Year 8, 9, 10 and, ( they didn’t win in Year 11 and because they weren’t allowed to participate because they were too good ). Eventually he left school, 1995, at the end year 11 because he knew he wanted to be in a band, so he decided to go and pursue his dream!

In 2000, after exhausting the talent in the UK, Samoht and Sacul, decided to travel to France to find themselves a drummer and a singer. Doing auditions in Paris, Lyon and Marseille all things looked bleak, until they were walking down an alleyway towards the bar where the final auditions were being held when they heard singing. Following the sound, they found themselves looking at their future drummer and their singer. Mailliw was banging a pair of sticks on make shift drums and Yreva was singing! It was basics, but sounded amazing! Even before they auditioned them officially, he knew they would be amazing!

On returning to the UK with their complete band, Reverse, they saw that the new season of Britain’s Got Talent had started auditioning. Within seconds they signed up! Crying with nervousness they got on stage and with ease they blew the judges socks off…literally. Bursting with confidence they made it through all the rounds until the day of the final. Playing pretty good, unfortunately they lost by 23 votes. It was an outstanding and depressing moment for them.

However, this didn’t stop them! In 2005, they performed their first gig in London, Wembley stadium. Next, Reverse, is going on a 3 month tour of Europe in 2011 from January to March, where they will be performing their new album Reverse: The Greatest Hits, including ‘Sugar’ and their band new hit single that is yet to be revealed.


William – was born in France in 1980. He’s not exactly sure when his birthday was as he was given up for adoption when he was 2. However, before he was given to his new family, he had a big interest in playing the drums. Unfortunately, his family was quite poor so they were unable to provide him with his own drum kit. However, he did use several other household things instead.

William didn’t go to school until he was six as he spent 4 years of his life being moved around between families. Finally, at the age of six it came true and he was given to family who were all blond haired, except the cat!

In 1986, William finally went to school. However, he found it very hard to settle and had no friends, except the drums! Whenever it was music lessons, he would always jump to get to play the drums first! William longed for his own drum kit at home as he wanted to practice, become famous and be a rock star!

10 years later, William had finally finished school and was looking for a job, so he could move out and finally pursue his rock start dream! First, he worked for Starbucks, then Mix and even as a librarian. However, he couldn’t stick to anything and in 1997 he found himself jobless and living on the street!

Life on the street was hard, but he befriended a girl called Avery. She was desperate to become a singer! William had made a make shift drum set, after having to sell his own, and together they used to sing and play on the street for money, until one day, they were listened to by two guitarists Lucas and Tom! From that moment on William’s life changed forever; Reverse was born!

By 2001 they were living in London and had recorded their first album Reverse.