Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Crying out, Samoht (real name Thomas William Nicolas Lipton) was born in the Matilda hospital Hong Kong on 17 January in 1979. Samoht’s family comprises of his mum Caroline and dad Phil. His mum was a teacher and his dad was a banker. He was an only child until his younger brother, Alex, came crawling into his life. Unfortunately, that wasn’t all, there was a younger sister called Katie who was even worse!

He had an average life, until he was 3 and his parents won the lottery! Consequently, they became very rich and he moved into a mansion in England. Samoht’s earliest memory was when he was watching Erik Clapton on stage with his father, it was then he knew he wanted to be a guitarist.

When he turned 4, his parents bought him a bass guitar, which he practised on for hours! At this time he also made a new friend, Sacul, (or Lucas). They became neighbours and attended the same school, Borneside Boys School. Samoht struggled at school, he got under 50% in every test even though he was trying his hardest, but in music he would get more than 90% in all quizzes. This was when he knew he wanted to be a musician. In Year 4, he and Sacul formed their own guitar band and that’s when the band basically started.

In 1990, Samoht transferred to secondary school with his best friend, Sacul. Every year, they won the school band show, as well as the talent show in Year 8, 9, 10 and, ( they didn’t win in Year 11 and because they weren’t allowed to participate because they were too good ). Eventually he left school, 1995, at the end year 11 because he knew he wanted to be in a band, so he decided to go and pursue his dream!

In 2000, after exhausting the talent in the UK, Samoht and Sacul, decided to travel to France to find themselves a drummer and a singer. Doing auditions in Paris, Lyon and Marseille all things looked bleak, until they were walking down an alleyway towards the bar where the final auditions were being held when they heard singing. Following the sound, they found themselves looking at their future drummer and their singer. Mailliw was banging a pair of sticks on make shift drums and Yreva was singing! It was basics, but sounded amazing! Even before they auditioned them officially, he knew they would be amazing!

On returning to the UK with their complete band, Reverse, they saw that the new season of Britain’s Got Talent had started auditioning. Within seconds they signed up! Crying with nervousness they got on stage and with ease they blew the judges socks off…literally. Bursting with confidence they made it through all the rounds until the day of the final. Playing pretty good, unfortunately they lost by 23 votes. It was an outstanding and depressing moment for them.

However, this didn’t stop them! In 2005, they performed their first gig in London, Wembley stadium. Next, Reverse, is going on a 3 month tour of Europe in 2011 from January to March, where they will be performing their new album Reverse: The Greatest Hits, including ‘Sugar’ and their band new hit single that is yet to be revealed.

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